BIM Pro is specialized in modelling which producing fully coordinated, Architectural, clash-detected mechanical, electrical and public health service drawings for the construction and infrastructure sectors.

In providing MEP services, we work as an integrated, pro-active team, engaging with our clients to help at both the conceptual and construction-status stages of a project.



The Level of Development (LOD) Specification is a reference that enables practitioners in the Industry to specify and articulate with a high level of clarity, the content and reliability of Building Information Models (BIMs) at various stages in the design and construction process.
Project models at any stage of delivery will invariably contain elements and assemblies at various levels of development.


LOD 500

As previously stated, LOD stages are cumulative. But LOD 500 is not a linear evolution of LOD 400, as could be understood for what happens in the previous levels.
It is rather a functional representation of building elements in the operation phase. This means only those objects which are relevant for building maintenance and use are important in this level.

More important than geometrical accuracy is the information attached to objects.


LOD 400

Elements are defined as they will be built, containing all necessary parameters for procurement, assembly and commissioning.

Achieving a LOD 400 is only possible when contractors are involved, as it will be subject to construction final budget and capabilities.


LOD 300

Elements contain a decent representation of their features, both graphical and functional.

This is the minimum LOD an element must be specified in order to define its construction and assembly.


LOD 200

Elements are a rough representation of the intended object, containing basic functionality and approximated dimensions. Usually the information contained is poor or nonexistent.

LOD 200 often corresponds to the output of schematic design.


LOD 100

The Model Element may be graphically represented in the Model with a symbol or other generic representation, but does not satisfy the requirements for LOD 200.

LOD 100 elements must be considered approximate.


BIM Pro role can be integrated the BIM services along the project duration to support the project existing and planning along with CSI modeling services that produce the needed drawing and models, CSI also have their services applicable for the existing buildings to scan and remodel the facility for any renovation or facility management

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